rollTogether #13 at Skateland in Rotterdam (Netherlands)

This park which is especially designed for Rollerbladers will provide a nice playground for our next session. That’s for sure. You should definitely plan your trip right now as we are going to prepare an unique Rollerblading day which will be once again jam-packed with some little and bigger extras. See below.

So what can you expect?

First of all you have the chance to attend one of Europe’s biggest Rollerblading sessions that’s definitely worth a visit. Join our session and meet up with your old friends or meet some new friends. That’s the general motto. Get your personal best trick on a photo or on an edit. Just talk to our photographer or filmer and they will be happy to feature your trick and give you some special coverage. All pictures and videos will be shown on our redesigned picture- and video-gallery. 

This time we will look once again for the Rookie of the day who will be awarded with a 200 Euro voucher by our main sponsor Grindhouse. What do you have to do for it? Just skate as best as you can during the session and this will increase your chance to win this coveted title. Above that we will hook you up with free energy drinks to make sure you guys have enough power and skate well.

Thanks to our unique sponsors consisting of the best companies on this market (Grindhouse, Be-Mag, the Conference, Swankrolling, Nimh, Razors, Rollerblade, Ucon and Gibbon Slacklines) we can proudly offer you the latest and hottest prizes. Session with, skate in one of Europe’s best Rollerblading-Skateparks, enchant us with a nice trick and pick up a prize! 

Swankrolling will join us for the first time in Rotterdam to set up a nice booth where you can buy the newest products from all the brands they are running.


New rollTogether project: “Test new products”

At this next session we will also premiere a new rollTogether project. What’s that all about? Grindhouse will sponsor a bunch of the new “Nimh Shaman Skates” that can be tested directly in the skatepark. Just bring your ID-card and hand it over to us. In return you can borrow the new Nimh Shaman Skate for a test-session. Once you are done testing the skate, you just bring the skate back to us and you will get your ID-Card again. But please consider: We won’t be able to lend the skates to you if you don’t bring your ID! And don’t worry, we will have all sizes of the NIMH-Skate available in Rotterdam. You can also bring your nonrollerblading friends so they can give Rollerblading a try.

So if you are a blading-crew that want to meet new Rollerbladers and want to get exposure, then join our session in Rotterdam. You will have a good time. That’s for sure! If you have never been to a rollTogether before, then this is your chance. In the next days we will update the website and our facebook-fanpage ( on a regular basis to give you all the information around this special event as well as detailed directions to the skatepark. We are all looking forward to seeing you on March 13th in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). – rollTogether