Robert Guerrero touring Europe – Part 2

We could feel the good vibe as soon as we walked through the door with our friend Chris Obermaier and his crew there to greet us and show us the best the park had to offer. After the majority of the kids had left the session changed gears, becoming intense with fast, complex and exhausting lines from end to end of the park. Bruno came through with his instantly identifiable steeze showing that even though his attentions are now focussed elsewhere he can still throw down when he wants to.

Our group began to split apart; Greg had a wedding shoot the next morning and Rob was due to continue onto the next leg of his tour, heading to meet Jon Julio. However Rob’s visit wasn’t due to end without a final funny story- Bruno lent Rob his apartment for the evening, but Rob broke the key in the lock and ended up sleeping on the floor outside!

– Holger Thalmann

Editor: Guy Crawford

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