Robert Guerrero touring Europe – Part 1

Rob and Greg arrived at my place from Winterthur mid afternoon and we got right into a session (after stretches) at the Glockenbach ledges, which Rob destroyed with double and triple switchups. Rob thought they were the best ledges he’d ever skated, and his recent edit reflects how much he enjoyed them. The threat of rain approached so we moved to the Residenzmuseum skatespots to grab some more footage while we could- and Rob once again lit up the session with an insane negative makio switchup. The spot became a bust and the rainclouds closed in so we retired to a nearby Indian restaurant for dinner before calling it a night.

The next day I met Rob, Greg and Camil (Miller) at a subway station with two perfect rails, famous for being a security hotspot. Rob got right into it with a back farv but as Miller approached the rail a plain-clothes policeman warned him off, so we moved on to another spot to skate until dusk.

– Holger Thalmann

Editor: Guy Crawford

Watch out for Part 2, coming soon.