Road to Summerclash: Nick Lomax

Is this your first Summerclash? What did you think of the last Summerclash back in 2008?

Yes this is my first Summerclash and I can’t wait!

Is this part of a tour of Europe while you’re here, or are you flying in and straight out again?

It’s a big part of my trip and everything else in it will be planned around the Summerclash dates.

Are you a fan of the Winterclash? Which has been your favourite and why?

I’m a big fan of Winterclash and getting to see all my good friends from all over the world, the best one for me was last year, watching the finals was mental!

The Clash series of contests is about more than just the blading competition. What are you looking forward to the most besides the skating?

Again looking forward to seeing all my friends, that’s the most important part. Drinking some beers in the sun at one of the sickest outdoor skateparks sounds perfect!

So many big names are coming down for summerclash, it could be anyone’s game – who’s your money on to win?

My money’s on CJ.

What other plans do you have for this summer?

I’ve got loads of other plans after Summerclash, including the UK’s inline camp and as many other contests as i can fit in!