Remz 2010 England Tour part 1 of 5: Featuring Franky Morales and the Remz England Team at the UKSkatepark

Story, images and edit by Kato Mateu

Welcome to England fellas!! Paul and Mark from Devious (Remz UK distribution) came up with this tour idea around the Chaz Sands invitational. Franky, who loves the cold and rainy weather, insisted to be the invited US Pro touring with the new badass Remz UK Team now formed of Si Coburn, Lee Devereux, Joey Egan, and flow Ollie Jones. Then, while planning all this I received a message from our OZ connection CJ Wellsmore saying that he wanted to be part of it too…then I knew that this was going to be something….

And the tour begun.
I have to be honest it hasn’t started all that good, or maybe it has started too good.. The first day went on for much more than 24h somehow, making me miss the first be-mag update. OK no big deal and promess I’ll catch up to that! Maybe I shouldn’t promess, it’s now 5am on the second day (which is really the third I think), and I’m fighting to get this “first” update done before falling asleep. CJ is talking shit in his sleep btw.

Liverpool is one crazy and cool city. There is also a strange phenomenon here: you rarely see daylight and when you do it’s because you either woke a bit early like at 3pm, or because you’re about to go to bed…I think there is a beattle song about this weird thing.

Earlier that day we landed, Franky from Miami and myself from San Diego, and were greated by Mark and Paul at Manchester’s airport. After franky’s usual airport customs/immigration delay we took off at 9am to meet the Remz UK fam at Lee’s place about an hour away. There it got blurry for a few hours, and we finally found ourselves at Liverpool’s airport at 3pm to pick up Spanish powerhouse Daniel Gomez most commonly known as ‘Chino’, who jumped on this tour at the last minute. There is a yellow submarine in front of Liverpool’s airport btw.

6PM, we arrived at UKskate, back in Manchester. “Sweating will get rid of the jetlag” said Paul..
The owner is a dedicated old school blader (who personally gives you a tour of UKskate in today’s edit) so this park has naturally a healthy blading scene, which was reflected in the warm welcome we received.

We all were skating so most of the tricks aren’t on footage (ok I promess to better work on that too), this was one great first session. I remember Franky and Joey on the half pipe doing big airs, also Chino and Lee destroying the A-box for over an hour together with Ollie, Si, as well as a few locals. Chino needs a bootleg copy of Rosetta Stone to learn English btw.

Remz 2010 England Tour Part 1 from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

A lot of skating and a few beers later we’re done and off to meet Adam Kola who had picked up CJ at London’s airport a few hours earlier. The crew is now complete and ready for action. It was time for Mr Wellsmore to get his first glimpse of the Liverpool night life…

I’ll stop this first day update at 7am on day two, and believe it or not – I am seeing the sun once again on day 3 as I type this. Bladers, time for me to be out! Today is the Chaz contest and it will be hooot