Remz 2010 England Tour (+ FISE) Part 5 of 5: London

Remz 2010 England Tour (+Fise) part 5 from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

Story and images by Kato Mateu

At 2pm it was time to head towards London @ the famous Baysixty6, a.k.a. Playstation, a.k.a. the skatepark. A big crowd was there skating when we arrived; the London scene is healthy. A lot of us were burned out from the past 5 days but a few still managed to rep properly, sessioning also with Fish and Stockwell who showed up out of nowehere, and the kids who were going at it non-stop. It was good to see.

Headed to Brighton to finish this English tour in peace, chilled out with the boys and headed to the Airport in the morning. Next stop, the place to be this weekend, FISE in Montpellier, France!