Remz 2010 England Tour (+ Fise) part 4 of 5:

Story and images by Kato Mateu
Footage by Kato Mateu, Mark Trebble and Adam Kola

Visiting new places is fun. We drove from Skegness to Corby today, and just like yesterday we weren’t too sure what to expect. Chino (Remz Spain) said that its the best park he’s ever seen so far. This place basically has it all, courses, bowls, spines, minis, halfpipes, resis, game room, internet room, you name it. It is called Adrenaline Alley, also worth a visit indeed.

Session went down and was fun. Everyone bladed included myself and also Franky who put his blades on for a minute despite his bad injury!

Remz 2010 England Tour (+Fise) part 4 from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

Lee Devereaux (Remz UK) left today to go back and take care of his skatepark, Boneyard, not without dropping us an edit filmed there for you that we’ll upload in a few days.

Paul and mark had decided to take us to Cambridge for the night, where the famous university is, and we unfortunately decided to go out party again. As I am writing this update the sun is up before i go to bed, which happened every single day since we have been on this tour.. and Franky, well, is in jail. Yea you gotta live it! We’ll try bailing him and big Al out of there in a few hours when we wake up so we can hit bay66 in London tomorrow. Stay tuned..