Remz 2010 England Tour (+ Fise) part 3 of 5: The Remz Team shredding Xsite Skatepark in Skegness

The Remz crew now left the Chaz Sands Invite after a long and hard party night. Nobody told us who really drove that bus to the next tour leg at Xsite Skatepark in Skegness. Everyone still must have been wasted from that exhausting party night. But nevertheless, this didn’t bar the team from throwing out some serious hammers at XSite Skatepark. Read on.

Story and images by Kato Mateu
Footage by Kato Mateu and Adam Kola

4 hours of sleep, woke up in a room covered in toilet paper, and of course with the fire alarm on. 12 of us inthere, 12 of us with a headache. gotta live that shit!

Plan now is to escape the hotel quickly, drop off Chaz, meet up with Adam Kola, and get on the road to cross England completely from one side to the other towards our next stop: Xsite Skatepark in Skegness.

Not a well known skatepark to bladers but we decide to visit different scenes. It paid of, upon arriving we were pleasantly surprised to meet a good amount of bladers and a very cool park owner, everyone very laid back. Some were locals and some traveled from surrounding areas. Some of the dudes there were fully blading but had never heard of or anything else, all for the love baby!!

The park is definitely worth a visit, indoor course and a good mini ramp as well as an outside street area with banks and ledges all over the place. Sessioning was not easy on the team after giving 100% yesterday and partying all night, but the remz boys are holding it down!!

Remz 2010 England Tour (+Fise) part 3 from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

Taking it easy tonight, Franky still badly hurt on the knee and CJ healing an infection in his elbow from a fall yesterday at the comp. Things are good though, looking forward to travel some more tomorrow and meet more bladers, peace!