Razors Week at Woodward West 2011 – Article #1 by Brian Aragon

Write-up by Brian Aragon
Edit by Erick Rodriguez with Rachard Johnson and Dave Lang

Maybe it’s the air, the high altitude, or the fact that we had finally escaped California traffic but arriving at Woodward we were all in good spirits. We soon got to meet the in-line campers who had traveled from all over the country to come skate and improve their skills. Since becoming a professional skater it has always brought me a lot of gratification to teach kids how to improve their skating due to the fact that growing up I was taught by skaters I looked up to and I still remember how meaningful it was to me.  

The majority of the week was spent skating different parks on the Woodward West Campus along with filming for some upcoming podcasts that I hope everyone enjoys! As with everything, when you’re having fun the time seems to fly by and next thing we knew it was the end of the week. I can speak for everyone when I say that we had an awesome group of campers and that we all learned something new while we were there. I am already looking forward to the next time I get to return to Woodward West and forget about everything else and just skate!

Big shout out to Pam & Ritchie Velasquez along with all the staff at Woodward West for treating the whole Razors team like we were family!

-Brian Aragon