Psyko’s way to the Last Man Standing (part 4)

Text and pics by Josh Diaz

After three days of good skating, the Friday was bust. Nick and Kim went down
to the city to have tourism fun in New York streets. I stayed behind to get
some people ready for our journey to the Bronx and to Tri-State skate shop.
Then the second part of the day we thought we would beat the system by
getting around the $200 per day car rental or 4 hours on the train, so we
packed up a U-Haul Mexican style, just like Nick likes it. We jammed 10
guys in the back as we drove 160 blocks to Flat Line in the Bronx. Turned
out to be a bad idea. We then realized our trip to New Jersey involved 2
hours in rush hour traffic. It turned out to be a wash. On the upside, we
experienced what it’s like when you lose your job on Wall Street and move
from Manhattan to the Bronx. That’s okay – we needed the rest for the
World’s finest street battle.

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