Psyko’s way to the Last Man Standing (part 2)

Text by Nick Wood
Images by Josh Diaz

Last year the last man standing contest was the highlight of my
extensive travels, so this year it was not an option to miss it. Our first
day started with my 7am arrival at JFK straight to Brooklyn for a session that
had a bad out look at first. It was windy and raining, but the NY kids
wanted to get down regardless. At the first spot I met Dave Lang who was
warming up on transfer rails in the rain. Witch by the way, if you going to
make a first impression on someone from a boot company I can think of no
better way. We were all over Brooklyn and got a lot of good shots.

Dave Lang: Nailing trick after trick in NYC

The transfer rail quickly dried and some more locals showed up to shred.
Sean Alligator-ati, Jesus Medina, Land and my-self(wood) jammed out. There
was some transfers style shots and I got a line that I was happy about.

Mason Richard made it to New York

P.S: All of the sessions will be in my proper edit on next week.
Josh (Psyko creator) thought it was funny to walk us 2.5 mile across
Brooklyn. But it was a badass view with a bank to barrier ledge and some
collapsed docks that made for nice terrain. We ended up at a gap to out
ledge to top it off and I was going to skate but the boys here are to good
to fast and I wanted to film all the madness. First day was very
professional, good skating and Dave Lang definitely stole the show.

We fought and won our battle with mother nature on Tuesday but today she
wasn’t as nice. I waited out the rain all morning while I anticipated my
package of prizes from Remz.

Dave Lang posing in the rain

But at 1:30 we cut out to Manhattan. Streets
were wet but as Bladers do we adapt, we found gritty ground, undercover
spots, and spots that were not slick unless wet. Today along with
yesterday’s posse we met up with the Texan prodigy Mason Richard who was
having his very first day in NYC. On the lower east side the crew was nailing
tricks despite the soaked floor. My favorite spot was a cessslide spot on
the harbor with a great view. Wet as hell everyone jammed out and we got
some good shots.

Nick Wood likes the scenery in New York

Tomorrow the weather man predicts clear sky, so look out for a quality
update. And when I get home the official edit will be coming as well. For now follow
the snapshots and some corny Iphone B-roll footage. Check back in some hours!