ProVoke wheels: New deals.

We’ve been hearing claims of the “perfect” wheel for years – new pouring methods, revolutionary cores, kerrazy graphics; ProVoke say they are doing things differently. They say nothing can feel like a ProVoke wheel, nothing will make you forget the repetetive same-mould, same-material, same-old of the wheel company game like this.

Firstly, they are bypassing the more well-known wheel moulding companies such as Labeda, Matter Racing and AEND and claiming to add no dye, additives or bullshit to their wheels. Here’s a preview of their no-nonsense gorilla wheel.

Most of the details in their epically voiced over “how it’s made” video such as angelic manufacture, OTT abrasion-resistant-shock-absorbing-absorption and buzzword technology might go over some viewers’ heads. But what we can all agree on is this: graphics lasting over 11 seconds are exactly what this industry has been waiting for. 

The perfect shape. Flawless appearance. Otherwordly endurance. ProVoke’s not so super secret shreddette Chynna Weierstall showcases these features of the wheel in this edit, and it looks like they hold up pretty well. 

Chynna’s own pro wheels weigh in at 59mm and 92a for what looks like some solid rippin’. They look like this:

The first “organic” wheel for the blading industry is, apparently, here. And it’s covered in dragons. If you’re still not convinced by all of this, head to the website for more information (including “you can’t buy these anywhere else!“) and to purchase a set of your own.

You can find ProVoke’s website here

They don’t want you taking their word for it like the woolly-assed conformists you really are. Make your own minds up.