Press Release: CREATE ORIGINALS™ 2011 Frames

Quoting CREATE ORIGINALS™: We would like to thank everyone for the tremendous support and reception we have received so far. We have seen a growing demand for the frames and we couldn’t do what we do without everyone who has helped, what ever it may be, along the way. Because we are skaters ourselves we will always be dedicated to providing high quality, innovative products while continuously improving every aspect possible. 

So we are now proud to introduce:


  1. Newly Reworked UFS Frame Core Mold & Manufacturing Process
  2. Stronger, Lighter, & Greater Wear Resistance Material Composition
  3. Thicker Inner Side Wall & H-Block Construction
  4. Minimal Side Wall Grind Space Design Ensures The Fastest & Smoothest Sliding Available
  5. Completely Symmetrical, Rotatable, & Replaceable Single Piece Core Design
  6. Precisely Angled & Curved Center H-Block Pocket Ensures Perfectly Balanced Groove Tricks
  7. Widest Split System Available On Any Single Piece Core Frame Available
  8. Patent Pending Custom Graphic Display System Allows For Easy To Switch & Endless, Custom Graphic Options
  9. Create Your Own Frame Design With Online Downloadable Graphic Insert Template
  10. Included Freestyle G – Blocks Allow For All Setup Options(Flat Rocker, Anti Rocker, Freestyle, & Tri-Rocker)
  11. Includes 4 Photo Realistic, Water Resistant Graphic Inserts With Customizable Blank Underside
  12. Includes 4 Shatterproof, Slidable, Clear Protective Shields To Protect Graphic Inserts
  13. Available In Various Colors: Black, White, Mariano Blue, Teal (LE), Atomic Red & Light Gray (LE)
  14. 57MM Max Flat Rocker Setup, 59MM Max Anti & Freestyle Setup
  15. 8MM UFS Axle Hardware & Frame Spacers
  16. Made For, Tested, & Ridden By The Best Skaters In The World



Alex Broskow
Chris Farmer 
John Bolino
Billy O’Neill
Sean Kelso
Montre Livingston


Mark Wojda
Austin Paz
Franco Cammayo