Mathias Silhan receives Razors SL Pro Skate

The Razors Silhan SL comes with a skin which is Kevlar reinforced in the most exposed areas and gives the skate a clean and shoe style look. It comes with sound absorbing material in between the soul and boot, new buckle receivers that prevent accidental opening and the Genesys cuff for a bit more flex. Mathias’ Jug liner features a dual density foam to provide superior heel support and perfect comfort. New is a padded tongue insert which gives extra padding in the instep area.
The Silhan comes loaded with branded parts such as Titen bearings, BHC wheels and GC’s Featherlite 2 frames which are responsible for the light weight of the skate.


  1. White SL boot with soft top
  2. Kevlar reinforcements
  3. Sound absorbing layer between soul the boot
  4. GC FLT 2 frame
  5. Genesys cuff
  6. High density boot material for long lasting support
  7. Baseless boot design for responsiveness and perfect control
  8. Replaceable, pre-grooved backslide plate
  9. Jug Silhan liner with padded tongue insert
  10. BHC 57 mm/90A wheels
  11. Titen ABEC 7 bearings