Introducing: The Razors G7.4

The Genesys liner features solid padding, an articulated ankle shape and tongue attachment to prevent shifting and moving. GC’s legendary Featherlite 2 frame is literally indestructible, superlight and slides like butter. It comes with 42 mm anti-rocker wheels with aluminum spacers to allow just enough spin to roll over bumps and stairs. Razors high performance team wheel perfectly complements the quality of the skate. Also included is a free multi-purpose Razors tool with 4 and 3 mm allen wrenches and bearing pusher.


  1. GC FLT2 frame
  2. Genesys liner with extra thick padding
  3. Replaceable Soul frame
  4. Replaceable backslide plate
  5. Perfectly aligned backslide plate groove
  6. Oversized heelpad
  7. 42 mm anti-rocker wheels
  8. Razors tool
  9. ABEC5 Bearings
  10. Razor 56 mm/90 A wheels