Flymount Camera Attachment

This is a great time to be in the world of filmmaking. Whether you are working for a big firm in a high budget or sitting in your bedroom trying to edit on a PC that collected more dust than you can afford to inhale there is something out there for everyone. The best part is that so much of it is extremely affordable. We’ve seen these insane videos of base jumpers falling for what seems like an eternity and catching it all on video from a first person point of view. Then, we see insane rally car drivers moving at insane speeds with a car following giving us a view cam putting us in the action. The brand new Flymount is a device that will allow you to do just that. It is a relatively inexpensive piece of hardware that allows you to attach your cameras of any sort to anything. Unlike P.O.V. cameras like the GoPro and Contour HD where you have to purchase the entire camera package, the Flymount allows you to use a camera that you already have.