Art of Rolling Skating Dice

How can skating be a more fun than it already is, become a game of chance, and give you and your boys (and girls) a way to mix it up? The answer is Art of Rolling Skating Dice.


Three dice with three distinct focuses: 1) Trick Dice – determines which soul or groove grind you will use. 2) Two Color Skate Logo Dice – determines which grind you will do on the trick dice. 3) Difficulty Dice – determines which variation or method you will enter into your grind.


The game gives something for everyone. If you are a beginner always asking your friends the same old question, “What should I try?” Well, now you have an answer that wont bark back at you. If you are on a higher level of skating this gives you a chance not only to clean up your bag of tricks, but it also pushes you to pack in new ones. Want to make it more interesting? Play a game of B.L.A.D.E. and throw down some paper on a bet. Whatever your intentions or level may be AOR Skating Dice is a fresh new wrench thrown into the gears of your otherwise repetitive daily sesh. So, get out that $7.99 (USD) and make it happen.