Picture Me Rolling – Wrap-up & Daniel Lefebre Interview

Interview by Guy Crawford

What camera setup do you use, and lenses?

Shooting on a Canon 5D mark II and 7D. As for lenses I’ve got a 22-70mm 2.3F L series, a 70-200mm 2.4F L series and a 2.4F Canon macro fisheye.  Manfrotto tripod and mono pods and some other mounting equipment.

Its been 7 years since your last video, why now?

I was really young when I made the first video. 19, I think. Life happened and I was just on other avenues. I’ve always stayed involved with skating in some form whether it was running a skate shop or just blading with friends. Recently our scene blew up, our crew was tight as hell and it felt fresh. It was just the right time to do it again.

Do you have a favourite clip in the entire thing?

Favorite clips would I guess could be Taylor Ritchie’s true makio 360° out or Mike Lukewiches inspin and hardspin soul line. But all the clips are amazing and everyone killed it.

What about a favorite memory of this project?

There are so many great memories I couldn’t choose  one but  the feeling of rolling up on a brand new spot with a crew of friends ready to handle business is unbeatable. That, or finally completing this whole thing. All our hard work paid off leaving us with a hundreds of unforgettable moments for us to re-live at anytime. 

Were there any challenges that you were surprised that you had to face?

There weren’t too many surprising challenges aside from learning the ins and outs of filming with our digital SLR cameras.However it was hard keeping an ongoing routine of skating for the camera the entire season. Injuries were always in the back of my mind and the last thing I wanted was for someone to get hurt trying to get a shot for the video. Our goal was to make a video that was just fun to watch and thankfully everyone involved was in tune with that and it worked well for us. Of course there were injuries but thankfully all are now mended.

What are your plans for the near future? Another video on the horizon?

The plan is to get right back into it this spring. Road trips are being planned, we have some amazing new talent moving into our city and dozens of new spots to check out. I think its safe to say you can expect to see something new in the future.

Thanks for all the love coming in from friends and viewers and of course very big thanks to everyone involved in Picture Me Rolling!

Picture Me Rolling – Intro

Picture Me Rolling – Erik Burrow

Picture Me Rolling – Guy Crawford

Picture Me Rolling – Brandon Kaplan

Picture Me Rolling – Mike Lukewich

Picture Me Rolling – Montage II

Picture Me Rolling – Taylor Ritchie

Picture Me Rolling – Daniel Lefebre

Picture Me Rolling – Fade Away



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