Picture Me Rolling – Intro

Text by Daniel Lefebre

Hello friends and rollerbladers around the world.

For the next 9 weeks, Be-mag and I will be releasing a weekly segment from a collection of footage filmed this summer in Toronto. This is a retake on a 2004 film I produced which featured a score of Canadian talent from coast to coast. With this new edition you’ll see some familiar and new names who I spent my most memorable seasons with skating, filming, and spot hunting in Toronto and the surrounding cities in 2010.

Our goal was to create something different then the same old weekend or session edit. To Step back from the upload button and spend time finding new spots and collecting clips to create something that would speak for ourselves, our scene and our sport.

Throughout the 7 months that we had to skate and film for this project, through extremes of heat and cold, very serious injuries and putting up with the idea of skating for a camera the people involved consistently came though with hot lines, clean style, stunts, laughs, car rides, motivation, and of course solid friendship.

This is the introduction to Picture me Rolling. Sit back and enjoy!

The gang

The rest of the gang

Mike David

Andrew Boyle

Erik Burrow & Blair Loughhead

Big thanks to everyone involved and the stars of this edit, Andrew Boyle, Mike David, Hans Hirsbrunner, Brandon Kaplan, Mike Lukewich, Sylvain Chaussée, Max Valade, Johnny Hoermann, Collin White, Blair Loughead, Aaron Wheat, Erik Burrow and David Ghent.

Next week will be the profile release of recent  Be-mag up and comer Erik Burrow. See you then!

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