Picture Me Rolling – Daniel Lefebre

Text by Aaron Wheat

How I first met Daniel Lefebre is a bit of a funny coincidence. It was almost 7 years ago when I met up with him in a Harvey’s to hand him an edit of Sean Knight for Dan’s first major video release – which also happened to be called Picture Me Rolling. You can peep that whole video here.

Between his numerous trips back home to Halifax, Dan has become one of my best friends, housemates, lobster dinner dates, and partner in crime. Daniel is at once dedicated, passionate, witty and a damn fine dresser. His skating is both laid back and hard hitting. He’s got a huge array of tricks – switch, natural, street or park – and continuously surprises onlookers.

I want to thank Dan for all his hard work on this video – getting us up on our game, and giving the whole Toronto scene another reason to love skating. He is a staple in the scene, and I cannot for the life of me think of what rollerblading in Toronto would be like without him. A special shout-out to his Hyundai Elantra, which took us to more undiscovered spots this year than ever before. Total respect.


Alley oop fishbrain


Fish stall

Farside Mistral


Be on the look-out for the last section of PMR coming up next week! In the meantime visit http://rolltoronto.ca and show the guys some love for their hard work over there!

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