Paradiso E Inferno – Be Mag Tour Live Update – Part 5 – Game over

After we went back from Genova to Milano everybody was exhausted… So everybody was chillaxing and skated just from time to time. On tuesday we brought Nacke to the airport cause he had to leave earlier for his holidays…

After saing goodbye with many tears we went to some curvedrail… everybody was skating and we had a chilled session… But then Patrick Ridder decided to cut his hand after a textbook fishbrain. So the session was over and we spent almost three hours at the hospital. So that was tuesday… We went back to the office and had a fun night with some beers, as always.

On wednesday we started the day with some bowlskating… but it was just too hot to do anything… Our Macho Italiano Jason Adriani just jumped over some fence and we left to find some spots… After cruising around for 2h without luck we decided to drive through the night instead of starting early in the morning.

so we just went to the “fakelake” where everything began, packed our stuff and cruised back home through switzerland and austria.

Thanks a lot to: everybody who was on board, you guys are the best! Thank you Matteo for giving us that perfect place to stay! Thanks to everybody who helped us on the tour with spots, places and everything else. No thank you for the guys who wanted to give us a place to sleep and didnt show up, very nice from you (i think you know who you are)

And heres a last edit from our trip, enjoy!