Paradiso E Inferno – Be Mag Tour Live Update – Part 3 – Pisa Party

First spot we decided to hit was the Bowl, because we were there the first night, it wasn’t lit and it really made us drool. It’s pretty much perfect except for the concrete on the top by the copings is really rough! Nikolas Belka shot a great pic with Felix of a stylish air with an amazing Toscana mountain backdrop. be sure to look out for the next edit

Right next to the bowl was a perfect mini rail, just like you see in american videos, probably even better. But no one wanted to skate it, so we just hit it solo session with Jason and Alex. We stayed there for pretty much the rest of the day, until we were sick of it and went to check out a spot Dominik saw from the car on the way there…Big fat long rail.

Dominik called it, and he called it good. FULL speed back ufo straight up, and a really sick top soul. Alex on his side skated it too, back unity…no effort what so ever, and Jason finished it in backroyal. The cops were on the lookout because it was a Car Insurance company building so once the shot was done we left to the supermarket and got food for that night. Since we rented a really sick bungalow, we had a kitchen and stoves and pots and pans, Jason and Nacke cooked for us a brilliant meal of pasta carbonara with a side of tuna salad. very delicious.

We had another nice night of drinking and gambling (just kidding)…and the next day….RAIN. so we kicked it off to Genova! The rain there was also present. so we met up with Jason’s friend and he hooked us up with his dad’s gym. Showers, work out equipment, yoga mats, and a Jacuzzi, that we could’nt turn on or else it would’ve blown up. So that’s us in Genova, since we got caught up a little on updates, from lack of internet connection, this is video update #1 and number #2 will be there soon.