Paradiso E Inferno – Be Mag Tour Live Update – Part 2, Moving on…

So part 2 of our journey: We skated some street spot in the heart of Milan, got some lines together and a sick picture of Patrick doing a top soul on the fountain which you can see below.

Then once the camera overheated we went to the second and last spot, a strange curved rail which pretty much destroyed everybody. Luckily, Alex was around and showed us how to own a proper alleyoop soul within the 10 first tries. Jason did some sick tricks too: true mizou and a sick topside pornstar, and that was it for that spot…it was getting late and we had to hit up the super market before it closed.

After a rough night of ghetto showering and Bavarian style drinking we all passed out, again, in Jason’s ghetto office. The next day, yesterday, the rain was upon us, so we had to plan our day wisely. We packed our bags and headed off to Pisa, the land of bendy architecture. The road was long, but the scenery was just beautiful. We got there and Jason’s friend Mauro showed us the bowl, which wasn’t lit, so we just had a couple drinks there and looked for a place to stay. We found this really nice camping place, and booked out a 7 people bungalo with….*drum roll*…a SHOWER! Yep, first real shower since we arrived in Italy… Nice!

The rain was pouring this morning and didn’t clear out until right now. So as soon as I’m done with these next few lines, we’re off for a shred!

Stay tuned later in the day for a video update!