Paradiso E Inferno – Be Mag Tour Live Update – Part 1, It starts

So we headed out from Nuremberg to Milano, we took the route via Austria and Switzerland, so we stopped for a small session at the Hard Bowl. We crossed the Swiss German part of Switzerland and stopped right before the San Bernardino Tunnel, which was brilliant because we got to see a lot of shooting stars.

Anyway, we arrived pretty late in Milano and Jason scored us with his dad’s old office so we could all sleep there. In the morning, and when I say morning, I mean the afternoon, we all went for a quick swim in the “fake lake” and showered there, we got yelled at by the wannabee Mitch Buccannon Baywatch gay lifegards. First strike was swimming past the “line”…whoooh big deal…2nd and 3rd was a combo by Belka when he showered naked in front of everybody and used shower gel…so at the point we were just waiting to get kicked out.

Next was the Milano bowl a.k.a Bull moskito’s lair….we skated there not more than 30 minutes while getting eaten up by giant moskitos. So we moved straight away to the next mini wooden skatepark in Monza. The people there were very kind to us and let us use their grill and night for barbecue.

Had a nice session there, Kai got some lines from almost everybody and we ended up having a really nice evening with some beers and meat.

And headed back to Jason’s place for some more beer and music and chilling until we all past out.

Today we are off for some street skating. and be sure to follow our story for the next couple of weeks.