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After the long awaited release of Brian Moore‘s City Never Sleeps last year, here is yet more proof of how healthy the scene is in Texas. Thus, Anthony Medina brings the world Dag Days, and Be-Mag brings you the review, as well as this exlusive Dag Days promo edit produced by the man himself, Anthony Medina!

Introduction & Write-up: Freddy White
Edit: Anthony Medina
Stills: Anthony Medina

When B’Mo’s video featured skaters from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Dag Days focuses on Austin for the most part. In addition to the local crew, both Fritz Peitzner & Josh Glowicki also found the time to put together full-length sections, once again showing how much of true professionals they are, and how dedicated they are to promoting their scene. The video starts off with what seems to have become quite a cliché in blade flicks nowadays, but thankfully time lapses and city shots quickly leave place to the actual skating, and a bunch of painful bails. This sets the tone for the whole video quite well : solid blading, and no bullshit. Brady Johnston and Troy Maimone both have solid clips in the intro, and William Isaac laces one of the best looking torques ever. And despite a fractured skull that prevented him from filming a whole section, Mason Richard still has some tricks which will leave you hoping for a full feature next time !

He paved the way for the next generation of bladers in Texas, and still rips pretty hard on them blades : first profile is old school legend Rob Zbranek‘s, who laces picture perfect mistrials like very few can, and shows an overall consistency and high flexibility proving that thirty is indeed the new twenty.

These twenty year olds seem to have learned from Rob. They’ve mastered the Texan heritage and own rails in more ways than just one, but also explore other terrain and come up with creative shit too. Ian Freunscht and his technical skills, Ryan Rasmussen and his clean style, or Cody Sanders and his long hair and long legs : names you might not be too familiar with, but are definitely worth checking out. After reviewing the video a few times, Logan Harlan‘s skating especially grew on me. Not only is he technical, versatile and creative, but Logan also lays down a bunch of hammers, including a ridiculously dangerous ender clip : a whole package of entertaining blading !

The last two sections feature world-travelers & life-enthusiasts Fritz Peitzner and Josh Glowicki. One could have wrote “hard-workers” too, as it sure shows in both these profiles. It seems like joker man Fritz the Elephant has never been so serious, while still remaining relaxed and making it all look too easy. Josh Glowicki arguably takes the best section, set to the best tune, and handles homeland security in between two extended trips to Europe. Check out the promo edit below to watch an excerpt of his blading skills, and see how intense his AO fishbrains can get ! It all ends with a chilled out outro/friends section, with some more great skating by Troy Maimone, and keeping the best trick for the end.

That’s it, and that’s a great use of 30 minutes of your time. Anthony Medina has quite a few productions under his belt now (which you can watch for free on his Vimeo channel), and he knows what he’s doing with a video camera. Not every shot is perfect, but they’re well thought out, and the second angles work fine. Image is crispy, filters are clean, quality is high : getting you straight to the point, once again, in quite an enjoyable manner. Set to a really classical format, this video won’t necessarily surprise you nor bring any new concept to the table, but it delivers exactly what it promised : solid blading, and no bullshit !

-Freddy White

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