Nomades tour update part 3: Affronting the anti-skating law in Barcelona

Story by Xavier Raimbault
Edit by Greg Mirzoyan
Images by
Christophe Baller

Barcelona’s sun is a beast. We took our sunglasses and sunscreen for some relaxed moments at the Port Olympica beachfront while Greg shoot with Warren who brought this massive tricklist. Since the government of Barcelona past the anti skating law in the city, we were bombarded by tickets. This didn’t stop Adrien to lace a massive 540 later that day.

Greg proposed a bar/curb plan and everyone said yes, here we go! Between all the beers and mojitos, nico comes up with a textbook back royale (look back) to fakie at the curb. A few minutes later, before the shadow falls on the wall Warren hammered a torque back to fakie with Greg in pursuit. Nico and Warren definitely owned this spot while Aktarus dumped a ball in a trash basket far away.

Later that night, we had a quick shower and headed out to the local area of our new hostel called Urbany Hostel for those who know. We partied at a nightclub nearby the beach, mostly jumping on the dance floor. At 9:30 in the morning, Warren takes Mathias to the airport for his return to the land of storks.

We had a tough day after the party, refrreshing from the heat at the beach after a swim which motivated us again to skate the Forum-ledges. Aktarus with his bathroom short laced a flat 540 on the big wall. Adrien and Nicolas managed to their lines on the famous ledges called in france “Mickey ears”.

On the last day of the tour Oli Benet brought us to a perfect rail in the suburbs of Barcelona to land our final tricks – always chased by the police. Two days ahead of us driving back to Paris. This was a hell of a nice trip with cool guys and good times! A big shout out to the shop and sponsors for their help and support.

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