Nomades Tour 2011 in Milan – Photos by Pietro Firrincieli

Article by Pietro Firrincieli

Friday we decided to wait the guys of the Nomades Tour in a big bowl in Bergamo, 40 minutes afar from Milan but the van didn’t show up until the next day. 

Saturday the meeting spot was the IKEA of Corsico but we were kicked out during the warm up. We decided to take a lunch and to move to another brick bank not so far were Nicolas Auroux killed it with a huge full speed transfer to the street. Aktarus cut his right hand open. So the next spot was the hospital where Rob G. entertained us in the waiting room playing his mini flute.

Aktarus was back in half an hour and we moved on to a brick wave in a big plaza. Kids were everywhere on this sunny day playing soccer and riding bicycles while Nicolas Auroux pulled a big fakie 720 and David Sizemore and Rob G. where having fun with some super stylish 360’s. We decided to balance all that fun and sun and moved to a curve rail in the shadow with tons of mosquitos. 

After this we went back to Corsico to have a last super fun session at the bowl where Rob G, Aktarus and Warren Digne challenged each other with light speed bs royales all the way from hip to hip. Still mosquitos, got pizza.

The next day Jason and his brother Gabriel had a quick session on their chest high “p-rail” and then we all went together to this sunny plaza where 3 ledges in line and a fountain were waiting for us. 

David Sizemore dropped a 720 from the fountain, Warren did a super stylish bs royale while Rob G. was doing switch and naturals here and there.

Good times guys! I would like to thank blading to give me the chance to live like this.

-Pietro Firrincieli

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