Nimh Team Video Trailer Number One

This is probably not the trailer you would expect to see as an advertisement for the upcoming NIMH Team video. It’s a collection of all the bad falls they captured during their filming-sessions. And it looks like they put themselves through hell for this video. Make sure you watch this and always try to remember what NIMH’s most famous riders have gone through for the production of the video.

Nimh Team Video Trailer Number One from Rat Tail Army on Vimeo.

The video features profiles on Brian Shima, Montre Livingston, Joey Chase, John Bolino, Marc Moreno and Oli Short. Gabriel Hyden was injured not able to film for the video.

There are also profiles on flow riders Matty Schrock and Casey McFarland. Other people featured in this video are Adam Brierly, Keith Brierly, Chris Tinsley, Chad Hornish, Jon Ortiz, Charles Dunkle, Michael Braud, Remy Meister, Sam Tufnell, Mirek Ragen, Alex Rudolph, Bruno Santos, Daniel Anzola, Leon Humphries, Mineroh, Paco Rey Jeremy Spira, Zach Gutweiler and more.