Nimh Spain tour part 3: Racking up clips at the North coast

Text and photos by Tony Cheetah
Edit by Marc Moreno

While we prepared our dinner near the river, Mineroh killed the rails over there. From there we went to the skatepark where we met up and sessioned with Noe. Unfortunately, we had to sleep at the skatepark. And the next morning the first thing we saw was the police. Welcome to the beautiful life of tour-skaters.

After we negotiated with the police and worked things out with them, we decided to look for spots in the middle of the city and Noe was kind enough to guide us. We found some sweet down ledges that got destoyed by Teles from Valencia.

Our next stop was the city of Leon. We had a contact there and so we met a lot of bladers in the town. While Paco was destroying a curved rail we told the locals to show us some more city spots. And we had no idea that this city is full of virginal spots. So the next day was a killer day: We skated everything in that place. Enanoh 450 royaled a nice rail and everyone got even more juiced. At this point, we especially want to thank the Aitor family that took good care of all of us while we were in Leon.

For the two last days of the tour we headed to Santander where we found a nice hostel and decided to sleep in a comfortable bed, at least for one night. The next day we went again on a spot hunting trip. But we just found some gaps and strange rails, so we didnt skate too much, everyone was tired and destroyed. Perfect conditions for a day at the beach and some relaxed moments. At this time we didn’t know we were going to have a hard party night. The party was hard as hell and for us it somehow ended up in a park where we slept.