Nimh Spain tour part 1: Marc Moreno, Adria Saa, Paco Rey, Tony Cheetah and some more ripping it up in Pamplona

Intro by Oliver Nermerich
Shots and text by Tony Cheetah

We headed up to the North of Spain escaping from the boiling concrete back here in Tarragona. Our first stop was Pamplona where we meet up with some old friends. We stayed at Charly’s place. Pamplona is the place where Sant Fermines party take place, the most famous bulls fest. A controversial point in Spain nowadays. We had a good tour kick off and we all skated some new shit while Paco ate shit from a pretty rude gap. He still doesn’t want to wear shock-absorbers.

We all feel juiced to skate 10 more days. The tour has just started and we keep on following the sun. I am sure it will lead us to some more spots. Stay tuned.