Nimh South America Tour Part 6: Montre Livingston and John Bolino starting their shred-tour through Ecuador

Text, Images and edit by Jeremy Stephenson

John and Montre arrived in Quito, Ecuador and begin the tour through the country with the guys from Artextremo. Riding on a new private tour bus, they wind through the mountains stopping at skate parks and cities along the way, showing Ecuador some of the best skating it’s ever seen.

Nimh South America Tour Part# 6 from Be-Mag on Vimeo.


And here are some more of Jeremy’s favourite pictures taken during the first leg of the Ecuador trip:


Signing autographs at the Arte Extremo office just after landing in Quito Ecuador

On the line with the boss.  Requests for care packages from Shima

New country, new tour bus

Juan hanging in the back of the bus

Ivan Gomez getting the first skate pic on the Ecuador Tour.  Big 180 out of the bowl.

Montre 360 with a nice mountain backdrop

Flying high on a beautiful day

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