Nimh South America Tour Part 5 – Street Sessions in Bogota, Colombia

Nimh South America Tour Part# 5. Sessions in Bogota Colombia from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

After the Chinchina contest we came back to Bogota and had two street skating sessions.  It was great to see a bunch of people out skating with us and pushing themselves.  Some of my favorite spots were the random alleyway spots we found along the way, like a perfect brick quarter pipe on the side of a building.  It was a lot of fun.  Sweet.   – Barf Barf Bolino

– Montre doing a quick Fishbrain to Gap.
– Long lens of the same trick.  This spot was just a few blocks from out hostel.
– Carlos Chaca and his custom fisheye camera
– Nimh roaming the streets of downtown Bogota
– Cruising
– Straight up G
– Juan Juan Bonito
– Daily Colombia life