NIMH South America Tour part 1: Jon Jon Bolino and Montre Livingston exploring Bogota


Story, images and edit by Jeremy Stephenson


In early April, Jon Bolino, Montre Livingston, and Jero embarked on a Nimh Tour to South America. The scene below the equator is ripe and thriving right now, with over 1500 skaters in Bogota alone, the first stop of this trip. Over the next 3 weeks, you can look forward to seeing Jon and Montre shredding through Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.


Jon Bolino in Bogota

Jon and Montre both arrived in Bogota Colombia already, and took some time to soak in the city’s flavor, meet the locals, and see what the downtown skate scene has to offer. On a light night blade through the busy city streets, they both got plenty of tricks on everything in their paths. We’re staying at an awesome hostel a few blocks from the presidents house, filled with travelers and musicians from all over the globe. One band staying here invited us to their live show that provided the soundtrack you hear in the edit. Everything is off to a great start. 


Live show with some good friends from the hostel. Great set


Nimh South America Tour part #1 from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

And here are some of Jeremy’s favourite pictures he shot during this first tour part:

Giant doors in Downtown Bogota

Flying rats

Alive or dead?



Montre enjoying his first night



First spot of the tour, high in the hills overlooking downtown


Jon searching for skate spots


Strict rules at the hostel


Eating at Crepes and Waffles, arguably the most amazing spot in Colombia. Supporting single moms since 05′


Senor Livingston



We found this street vendor outside at night, still repping the Team Roces jacket


Lounging with the pigeons