Nimh Session at Sant Feliu

Photos by: Toni Velasco


Last week the Nimh Spanish team organized a NIMH SESSION in Sant Feliu Skatepark near Barcelona. Everyone came out for a great session and to meet Marc Moreno “Enanoh”, Paco Rey, AdriĆ  Saa “Mineroh” and Tony “Cheetah”. Guys like Teles, Roberto Cobo and many more kids came out rocking their own customized Nimhs while others tried out the Nimh skates for the first time and everyone had a great time skating.

Enanoh, Mineroh, Paco and Cheetah killed every inch of the park with impressive and technical tricks. Mineroh landed some crazy hammers, and took some hard hits in the process but came out in one piece. Paco’s skating was solid all session while Tony pulled some stylish tricks.

The Nimh Spanish team appreciates everyone who supported the session and came out to skate. Thanks to everyone and sorry if you don’t appear in the edit…We did our best!

Be ready for the next NIMH SESSION in Spain… See you there!