Next “First Sunday Sessions” at Lincoln Skate Plaza, Los Angeles on May 1st

Written by Quinn Feldman

“First Sunday Sessions” are all about every blader coming out and just having a good time, and getting to skate a park the way we want. It’s not everyday bladers get a chance to wax and session every stickie obstacle at a skate park and not have to worry about getting in any stupid arguments with other sports about it. 

Every time you roll into a skate park and there are tons of skateboarders everywhere but during any “First Sunday Session” it becomes the opposite and the skate boarders are the minority now. To be honest now more than ever all the sports out here get along pretty well and have respect for one another but lets face it: it’s better when the bladers take over the park and skate it how it should be skated. 

So if you live in Socal or you’re taking a trip out here make sure you meet up for a the big “First Sunday Session” every first Sunday of every month. Here are the edits for the first two we have done. The second one we had over 40 bladers meet up.

-Quinn Feldman

Here’s two edits of recent “First Sunday Sessions” in LA:

First Sunday Session at Venice Beach Skate Park

First Sunday Session at Bell Gardens Skate Park

Next “First Sunday Session” coming up on May 1st at Lincoln Skate Plaza, 3501 Valley Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90031. Starts at 11am. Check out the skate park below. Flows nice!