New Skate Hardware presented at ISPO Tradeshow in Munich

Pictures by Holger Thalmann

Part of The Conference’s booth at ISPO in Munich


New USD VIIs with new soulplates. These plates have a wider royal groove and fit on Carbon 2s and Imperials. Apparently the VII shells don’t have a raised heel anymore. Notice the new shape of the Type M grindblocks


Xsjado Avant come with the pro-version of the instep straps


USD Transformer in new colorway for 2011


New color technology for the next Realms


Yes, Roces still makes them…


RB skates on display at the Rollerblade booth


Rob Guerreros pro boots (top) and the 2011 Tribes


Robs skates come with a translucent shell and the new Blank liners which have gotten good reviews so far


Tobias Hagn (left) and Bruno Löwe. Both these guys skated for Razors in the 90s