Neglected Truth Box Jam 2011 feat. Montre Livingston and Franco Cammayo

Filmed and edited by Cesar Macay
Photography and write-up by Sam DeAngelis

Located in Philadelphia, PA, Neglected Truth is owned by blader Chris Majette. Residing on Lancaster Avenue, the shop is also home to Denial Print Company, which is co-owned by Adam Killgore and Chris Majette. Along with business from local print companies and skate brands from all over the world, both Killgore and Majette find the time to run Denial Clothing and Adam’s newest creation Dub Ceasar Apparel. These guys not only work hard running a skate shop and two clothing companies but they also continue to hold sessions and produce videos constantly bringing more support to rollerblading

Bladers, spectators, and professionals from all over came out to blade for the Box Jam. Montre Livingston, Franco Cammayo, Mark Wodja, Jimmy Shuda, Wake Schepman and Colin Kelso came out to shred the new setup. 

Weather was perfect. Pizza was had. Tricks were laced. Bearings were ceased. Memories were made. 

-Sam DeAngelis


Just want to give shout outs to Neglected Truth, Chris Majette and Killgore for hosting and supporting the box jam and everyone who showed up to support. My first time in Philly was a lot of fun and won’t be the last.

-Cesar Macay