Music and Setup Session: Robbie Pitts

Present yourself:

Hey dudes. My name is Robbie Pitts and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I’m 21 years old and have been skating for 10 years. When I’m not skating, I’m generally focusing on my university studies (Graphic Design), perusing some sort of artistic project, collecting music or on the constant search for clothing.

What setup are you skating right now and what do you like most about it?

At the moment I am skating a pair of all black Roces Majestic 12’s with Ground Control Featherlite frames, Eulogy Robert Lievanos wheels and Mindgame Higgs Boson anti-rockers. I have been skating Majestics for around 3 years now and even though I have tried other skates, I always seem to come back to them. I believe the boots simplicity is what makes it the ideal skate for me. Its lightweight and slimness fits my feet perfectly, which give me more control and a closer feeling grind when I’m skating.

What kind of clothing style are you into it and what are your favorite items?

I am interested in a variety of different clothing styles but mainly ones from the the mid to late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Though these styles are what I wear like to wear on a day-to-day basis, for skating I like to wear clothes that still reflect my personal interests but prefer them to be of a slightly more toned down version. This still allows me to feel comfortable whilst skating but means my nicer clothes kept for outside of skating.

Can you tell us your top 11 music artists?

Listing my Top 10 music artists was a difficult task, especially since I appreciate such a wide variety of musical styles. Narrowing it down seems like I am disregarding some of my favourite artists but I understand you have to be strict in order to make the Top 10 cut. With this in mind, I decided to add an extra top artist just make sure I covered as much as I could.

  1. Rolling Stones

  2. Pink Floyd (Piper At The Gates of Dawn is one of my favourite albums)

  3. Johnny Thunders/Heartbreakers/New York Dolls

  4. The B-52’s

  5. The Kinks

  6. Small Faces

  7. Tyrannosaurus Rex/T-Rex

  8. Velvet Underground

  9. Kaleidoscope (UK)

  10. Chuck Berry

  11. The Idle Race

Top 10 songs right now:

My music selection generally goes in cycles of discovering new groups to revisiting old favourites. I generally discover an artist and then consume myself with them and artists of similar style. At the moment I have been listening a lot of Krautrock. Instead of listing songs, I have decided to list the Top 11 albums I have recently been listening to because I find I enjoy the experience of an album in its entirety rather than listening to a single.

  1. Kraftwerk – Autobahn – 1974

  2. Kraftwerk – Ralf und Florian – 1973

  3. Faust IV – 1974

  4. Kaleidoscope – Tangerine Dream – 1967

  5. Blossom Toes – We Are Ever So Clean – 1967

  6. HP Lovecraft 1 – HP Lovecraft 1 – 1967

  7. Rainbow Fflolly – Sally’s Fforth – 1968

  8. Beach Boys – Pet Sounds- 1966

  9. B-52’s – B-52’s – 1979

  10. Jesus and Mary Chain – Psychocandy – 1985

  11. Golden Dawn – Power Plant – 1968