Music and Setup by Martin van Drunen

Text: Martin van Drunen
Photos: Dominic Swagemakers


I’m Martin van Drunen from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I’ve been skating for a long time, towards the twelve years already I think and lately I get supported by the conference USD, which is a great honor to me.

What have you been up to lately? 

Well, school is kind of the main thing that’s up right now. Just got my BSc degree and started a master Strategic Product Design, that consumes lots of time. Luckily the weather is getting better and the days getting longer again so I can skate more again. I’m just trying to hit new spots everytime, with new tricks… just stay motivated.


Thatgrab 360

What is your current setup and why?

At the moment I have some USD ufs Billy O’neills for a couple of months, and they are good! The CO under it broke couple of times though, so I skate kizer slimlines flat setup with Undercover Lomax wheels. The setup is fast and smooth, I really like and enjoy them…


What type of clothing do you usually wear?

Well, just regular type of jeans. Levi’s are basically the best. I just hate how skating street keeps eating my pants. Also Zara clothing is quite fine, it’s just cheap and good fitting. While skating I’ll usually rock some USD shirts or some Rollerdam shirt, just to represent you know!


Topacid, right before slamming on his head

Top TenTracks:

This is hard, I have top ten tracks for different moods :P. But well to show some tracks I’m enjoying lately:

Joy Denalane – Let Go

Jay Z – Hate (ft. Kanye West)

Alicia Keys – The Sea

Raekwon – Staten (Go hard)

Corinne Bailey Rae – I’d do it all again

Young Money – Gooder

Lil Wayne – Wasted


The Opposites – Honey

Winne – Wij zijn 1


Who and/or what gets you juiced?

Good weather, friends, good rolling edits and definitely a hyphy song. It’s also that I must be in a good mood and physical condition. If not I don’t feel like going all in with tricks, then I’d just like to skate miniramp and play around. New skatespots also gets me really motivated, I often immediately get a trick in my head that would fit the spot, sometimes tricks I’m not so good at. So that it’s the right moment to master that trick!


Royale to roll to alleyoop negative mistrial

Do you do anything special before a session to get into the right mood?

Watch some feel good roller edits/movie, stretch a little and just enjoy the session!



Top 5 video’s you watch:

Rollerdam Vol. 2 (good memories of NYC and all that)

The truth


USD Legacy (Demetrious and Sagona section!)

ONE video

Truespin miszou

Top 5 sites you visit:

Wallride to fakie