MNSTR BLADE pt. VI – Benni Petry

Benni Petry is the bloody icing on the badass murdercake that is MNSTR blade. His section leaked a little while ago, so some of you already know how good it is and will need to watch it again. For everyone else, what use are introductions? Watch this. We’ll talk after.

Edit by Jo Zenk, Words by Ash Gavin.

Benni Petry has always been a beast on the scene. He used to tear up DIV contests around Germany with his two brothers way back, always standing out from the crowd. Benni hasn’t lost the crazy cocktail of creativity, tech, and balls-out stunts that seems to typify the Münster way of life!

Pro tip: don’t stop after Benni. This outro contains some pretty outrageous throwaway clips that weren’t quite thrown away, and it should get you nearly as juiced to skate as the section did. And if you can wait just one more moment before lacing up and heading out the door, there’s a full-video post coming from the MNSTR boys with a fresh interview to catch up with creator and shredder, Jo Zenk. We hope you’ve enjoyed your lesson in Münster blading and humility. Stay alert for the next installation!