Mark Wojda interview in Issue 36

What’s it like growing up in Louisville Kentucky?
Kentucky has a really dedicated skate scene. When I was younger, around 12-14 years old, there were about 3 generations of rollerbladers who skated regularly. The $3million skatepark is one of the reasons I love visiting my hometown, it’s definitely one of the best 24hr, stadium lit skateparks in the world. I’ve always enjoyed riding my bike around town… finding new spots etc…Louisville is a really chill town. Time seems to stop…the weather is great too.

Who are some of the greatest skater’s you have seen roll that we will never know about?
When I was 13 or so, Jordan Dale and I would go out blading when I’d get out of school…Some of the stuff we skated will never be done again…we were just raw like that…Other than that, Max Ballestero and Brian Long are two people who need more recognition for sure…

How long have you been blading and what got you started?
I’ve been skating more years than I haven’t. Probably 14. I saw rollerblading on TV and was just into it…my dad bought me a pair of skates and it was on. 

Who were the skaters you looked up to when you were younger?
Jon Elliott, Aaron Feinberg, Shima, Dustin Latimer, Louie Zamora, TJ Webber, Josh Petty.

If you want to read the full interview, go and get issue 36.

Congrats to Mark for taking the Last Man Standing Comp in New York last weekend.