“Malta Tour” Update

We had quite a long night on tuesday and wednesday was pretty much our last day in Malta before we headed out north to Gozo Island. On the first day we walked through this fisherman village than I officially rename to “Cat Village” and found a nice roof gap, Yann really wanted to hit it before leaving so he did, first trick hungover and it looks sick!

We met up with brandon later that day but skating was useless so we went to eat and headed back to the hotel have a cold beer and watching the news (gotta stay informed about whats going on).

As we arrived in Gozo on thursday afternoon, we walked up a small street to sit down and have a quick beer before heading to the apartment we rented…

Gozo is a secondary island north of Malta, people there consider themselves more as Gozitans than Maltese and their way of life is slightly different and can be witnessed in their driving skills. Brandon would say “the faster you drive, the less chance you get to have an accident”…but here in Gozo they drive normally…normally for Malta…anywhere else except Bagdad they would be shot down.

In Gozo, they try to preserve whatever natural side of the island they can, and it’s easily noticeable by walking up to the Victoria Citadel at night and see how most land and forest in between cities stands in pure darkness.

Anyhow…to our surprise we found a nice little down ledge with a dodgy run-up and skated it.

The next day, friday, we headed to the famous Azure Window, west of the island. Hard to think that we actually found something to skate after walking up and down hills for hours.

Gathering clips for a proper edit is looking good. Tomorrow Brandon and Jerry will meet us and we hope to spend a nice last day of skating!