Maik Lojewski rocking the new Nimh Shaman Skate

Grindhouse flow, Maik Lojewski, has decided to try the new Nimh Shaman Skate. And this works out pretty well obviously. Good job!

If you are also interested in testing Nimh’s latest skate model, then you definitely need to join the rollTogether session next saturday (March 13th) in Rotterdam. Grindhouse has sponsored several NIMH Skates that will be available for a test ride! All you need to bring is your ID as a deposit! Take this chance and shred one of Europe’s finest Rollerblading skatepaks on some Nimhs. For more information check


Maik Lojewski riding the new Shamans from Chris Piotrowicz on Vimeo.
Filmed and edited by Chris Piotrowicz (from Leverkusen, Germany).