LIVE UPDATES FROM THE HOEDOWN #7: Additional photo update by Alberto Oscarelli

Text and photos by Alberto Oscarelli

The new rainbow box is where the crazy stuff went down. The french guys nailed some of the craziest switch-ups ever, while CJ and Fritz (and his mustache) went onto a darkside slide rampage. Richard Mason and his topsoul 540 made the crowd go wild and after that it was one insane trick after the other, I’m telling you…some of the tricks were so crazy you can’t even describe them and y’all better be ready to attend next year. Check the photos and start saving up to fly to Dallas next. 


CJ Wellsmore – Backside savanah

CJ Wellsmore – Safety Transfer

Josh Glowicky, Brian Moore and Jason Reyan checking out the footage after the first heat

Fritz Peitzner – Backslide to Alleyoop topside to soul to Outspin soul 

CJ Wellsmore – Outspin 360 Topside soul 360 out

Chris Haffey