Linköping Skate Week 2011 Coverage on Be-Mag

Written by Zebastian Cassel

After several requests we also added a junior division to the competition and decided last minute to set up the flat curb as a sub-box on one of the banks just so we get the most out of the park as possible. A guy called Rasmus Öberg helped out a lot as well with the posters and designing all the flyers. For that were very grateful. Thomas Vega and Daniel Samuelsson also helped out with bombing their local cities with our flyers and from what I’ve heard a lot of Swedish skaters are coming and busloads of juniors which is awesome and great for the Swedish scene. 

We have a vision about making this an annual event and make it bigger every year. Sweden needs more comps and opportunities to help kids show their talent and gather the scene to make it stronger. 

We want to give a big shout out to Razors for sending prizes and Hedonskate Sweden as well. K2 also helped out a lot and added more money and prizes to the comp so were really happy about the outcome! Also a local energy drink has been showing interest in the competition and will support with free energy drinks and some hot chicks, we hope! 

My local skatepark Hangaren has also been really supportive and will help out with staff and hosting us charge free and also offer sleeping places for everyone who wants to stay the weekend. I’m active in the skatepark committee so it’s been really great seeing they look at this comp and Skate Week as an opportunity for them to bring more people into the sport.

Stay tuned for articles and pics from the comps and demos during the week! 

-Zebastian Cassel