The Kentucky Battle has always been my most anticipated event. From what started 10 years ago as a friendly rivalry between Louisville and Lexington, has become a giant gathering for the midwest. On paper it’s a contest, but the vibe is just like any other session among friends. Everyone who participates is absorbed into the excitement and leaves with a story to tell. This year was no exception. There were no busts, no major injuries, a rapid flow of hammers, and lots of laughs. 


KYBX from Tri Tri-Rudolf on Vimeo.

     Big thanks of course to Doug Williams who put this event together and kept everything rolling. Thanks to Brandon Kennedy for the additional footage. Off the top of my head, in the video you will see the likes of Steven Tat, Mark Wojda, Daniel Powell, Jordan Dale, Aaron Pyle, Ryan Habeeb, Andy Burch, Mike Branch, Ryan Benner, Mat Grimes, Justin Rose, Michael Rose, Scott Rose, John Ritter, Ryan Slone, Max Ballestero, Chad Anthony, Darron Wilkerson, Kramer Ditty, Matt Foley, Scott Broofaloptus Hatton, Tony Woodland..