Just released: Rolling Rock Mixtape 1 by Claudio Antonelli

Submitted by Freddy White 

When it comes to operating sophisticated cameras and putting quality images together, one can tell from the very first look Claudio Antonelli knows what he’s doing. From the filming, all the way to the post-production work, he definitely spent a lot of time to make everything look just right.

Not only does his technical knowledge impress, but the man is also very gifted when it comes to editing and creating an atmosphere: the scenic shots of the intro, the sounds of voices and skates, the colors of the clips themselves – they do tell something, and it leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.

As for the skating itself, I guess it’s everything you can expect from the diverse team representing Rolling Rock Skateshop. It makes no sense listing tricks on a sheet of paper, so let’s keep it short and say that Beat Schillmeier kills it with the hip-hop ruggedness he’s known for, and that his profile will most definitely catch your attention more than once. 

However, what impressed me the most was Reto Bürgin’s consistency and versatility throughout his section. He delivers a good dose of old school freshness, and showcases something a little different than what you would expect to see in most videos nowadays. Solid.

Now, I don’t expect many of you to actually purchase said video. I know good skating, quality work & dedication don’t pay in the blading world, and that most people will just wait until they can watch it online or borrow the DVD from a friend. My final word would be just that, then: once you get a chance, make sure to get your hands on the Rolling Rock video, because it really is worth watching!

-Freddy White