Jon Jenkins interview

Wake Up was a bar raising video. I caught up with Jon Jenkins to talk about his thoughts on filming rollerblading.

What is your current video camera setup, previous and what do you expect to be using in the future?
My previous set ups were a gl1 and the gl2. Now I have the Panasonic HVX, and Canon 7d. As far as the future, I really want to mess with a 3d camera for a project of mine, although I don’t really see 3d catching on anytime soon. I do think in the future Red or the other SLR brands will have a high-speed camera released that is pro level for a reasonable price.

How did you pay for you equipment?
I paid for both camera’s doing shooting or editing work, then I got in with a group of friends who did remodeling and construction work last summer so I did that for a while.

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