Jeremy Townsend testing the new Blank Liners

Write-up by Jeremy Townsend
Interview by Casey Duckworth

Edit by Anthony Rowe

 3 months, 2 different skates and 1 pair of liners, the recipe for one great product test. Today’s skaters are fortunate they have choices. With so many choices come tough decisions. This write up is to help make those tough choices that much easier. Unfortunately we can only focus on one product at a time and in this case we’re talking the “Blank” liners.

Personally I believe liners are the single most important part of any skate. Others may disagree. We all have our opinions, this opinion obviously being mine. If your feet aren’t happy it will however be reflected in your skating. Your feet need comfort. In the past I’ve found myself altering liners to either fit my skate or fit my feet. I didn’t have this problem with the Blank liners nor was there a break in period!

I first skated the liners in a brand new pair of OS Remz as seen in the edit. This was a first for riding on Remz OS and a first for Blank liners. The combo looked awesome and for what I was skating performed really well. For the few weeks I used this set up the only problem I encountered was this: being that the Blank liner is a narrow and very thin liner I lost much stability making larger impacts much harder to land. There was also shift side to side in this wide base skate. I found it very hard to land countless tricks so I decided to test these liners in a different boot.

For the second chapter of this test I wrapped the liners with a pair of USD Classic Thrones. Seeing how I skated Thrones in the past I thought this would be a set up I am more familiar with. This turned out being a great choice as the real testing could begin. The liner fit perfectly! I really enjoyed riding the liners in these skates and have a good feeling anyone on any hard boot would as well! The only thing that I personally would have liked is a wider tongue that wrapped around.

After skating in both skates I was able to really test these liners and get a true feel for them. They are still in great condition and show hardly any signs of wear at the heel or anywhere else for that matter. I do believe this to be a superior product and worth buying. But don’t just take my word for it, try a pair asap!

I’d like to thank Tom Hyser for hooking me up with this great product and letting me do this test, Anthony Rowe for putting together another badass production, Conor Manweiler at Kaltik for equipping both pairs of test skates with great frames, and Isaac Oltmans of Eulogy for always being there with quality wheels!

-Jeremy Townsend


  1. Superior quality
  2. Built in impact shoe-like soul
  3. Clean simple design
  4. No slip soul


  1. Skinny tongue
  2. Only one color scheme
  3. Runs ½ size small