Introducing the juniors: Levi van Rijn

Backside Backslide on a rail in Rijnsburg, The Netherlands

Introduction by Thijs Tel
Interview by Thijs Tel

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Hey, thanks for having this interview with me! I’m Levi van Rijn, 15 years old and I’m from Katwijk aan Zee, a small village in the Netherlands. It’s close to the Hague and has one of the nicest beaches of the country!

What made you start skating?
I used to skate on regular fitness skates when I was younger, and after a while I found out about a skatepark a few minutes from my house. I kept going there and at one point my parents gave me a pair of real skates and I’ve been going there ever since.

Who inspire you to keep skating?
My sponsors Razors and Thisissoul, all the friends I skate with and anyone else who loves skating, posts edits online and is at competitions!

Backside Royale in Amersfoort, The Netherlands

If you could have a session with any group of bladers, who would you choose?
Alex Broskow, Sean Kelso, David Sizemore, John Bolino, Elliot Stevens, Montre Livingston, Jeph Howard and Howie Bennett!

What’s the best event you’ve been at so far?
Winterclash was definitely the best event I’ve ever been. The atmosphere was amazing and seeing so many skaters together was great. And of course the tricks thrown were crazy, inspiration for months!

Is there an event or place you definitely want to go to?
I’m really looking forward to the Summerclash in Berlin, because I think it will be as great as the Winterclash, and I’ve heard good stories about the previous Summerclsah. I also want to visit Barcelona, the skate-mecca of Europe.

180 Mute in Leiden, The Netherlands

Do you prefer street or park?
Street skating by far!! So much variation and spots, locations and trick possibilities. Every street session I have we’ll find something new to skate which hasn’t been done before, so much fun!

What is your biggest achievement?
Last year I won the Dutch national championship Oeteldope, which was great because it was a few days before my birthday. But I’m even happier with my third place at the Winterclash!

Of your fellow juniors, who would you like to see featured on the website?
August van der Velden, I’ve been skating with him a lot lately and he’s getting better every week!

Negative Makio in Amersfoort, The Netherlands